Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Time to Worry

The past sixty years has proven to be that 'long strange trip' immortalized by the band The Grateful Dead.

Allegory is one thing but our reality has indeed taken a turn for the dire and our corporate owned media is strangely mute on the subject.

Is there 'nothing to worry/be concerned about?' I certainly hope so because I don't trust the mawkish ghoul that passes for the fifth estate these days as far as I can throw it (even if I weren't old and feeble!)

Again, which narrative you subscribe to dictates how high the threat level has become. On the surface, using the 'official' paradigm the corporate media expounds, the 'unthinkable' is still pretty much precisely that. The former USSR commiting air support and ground troops into the (largely expendable) Middle East in apparent direct opposition to US/UN efforts to rein in ISIS is being interpreted as 'saber-rattling' by the two former nuclear superpowers.

Geez, am I off the reservation again? (You can bet your boots I am!)

Let us look at this from the Gegner perspective/narrative, one that posits global political tension is totally 'artificial'...a fabrication and most often a cloak for committing attrocities against enemies of the 'status quo'.

Which is to opine that those who hold power in what passes for our society are in league with one another. This is why two governments with a notoriously loose grip on their nuclear arsenals should not be lining up for an 'oops'.

Or would it be safer to say it would be the farthest thing from an 'accident' since the near spontaneous collapse of global monarchy.

Even the history books don't offer an explanation of that unseemly turn of events.

But the 'peace dividend' (necessary to develop an industrial society) had the unforseen side effect of producing an out of control population.

In the Seventies, scientists pointed to the 'population explosion'...a term that has fallen out of the public lexicon even though the problem itself hasn't diminished. (We were told by the corporate owned propagandists that 'technology' would solve the population problem. and that was the end if the subject.)

But that hasn't happened because they haven't cracked the energy nut.

Our entire modern social model collapses without cheap abundant energy. Dunno how many of you realize what the end of 'cheap energy' would look like but you're really not going to like it when 'they' pull the plug.

Okay, now I've done it! I've invoked the mysterious/omnipresent 'they'!

Who, precisely, are 'they?' [and like all good whack jobs I goggle in incomprehension and ask' aren't you paying attention?']

They are the less than one percent who have claimed ownership/dominion over this planet and everything on it.

Sort of disturbing to be called a lunatic when this entire situation indeed indicates major psychological problems, (starting with being a first-degree sociopath!)

But they have forced a fanatical belief in money down your throat so you're already primed to swallow just about anything they dream up.

But I (of necessity) digress.

Supposing I'm correct and there really are people who claim (divinely no less) that this planet and everything on it is THEIRS. How far would they go towards preserving what remains for them and theirs?

Would they nuke the lion's share of us out of existence? [In a heartbeat, considering the alternative.]

The clock is ticking and I'm sure I'm not the only that notices things are getting more than a little 'out of hand'.

The alternatives are few, there is a way out but that path is narrow and the window of opportunity is closing.

What should worry you to your core is why nothing is being done to entrench renewable energy, nothing.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,